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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Why Do Russian Women Marry Russian Men?

What do we know so far about Russian men?

Most of them are male chauvinists that smell, drink, and smoke. At the same time, they are not incredibly bright and somewhat ugly. They are also prone to cheating and domestic violence. 

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. We also know that they exhibit learned helplessness, Stockholm syndrome and other signs of slave mentality.

All their lives they were forced to endure an oppressive regime, and never got to experience any freedom. They are victims of Russia's historical and geographical situation, a country with a turmoil past and unpredictable future.

If Russian men are SO BAD,
why do Russian women still marry Russian man?

The only logical answer would be: because there is nobody else to marry. Of course, it would be lovely to have some handsome Italian guys around. The Norwegian and Icelandic men will also do. The heck with it, even men from Alaska are in high demand. But you cannot find those in Russia. If all those eager Russian women want to meet those guys, they will have to go to another country, and not everybody can afford that.

Yet Russia is full of ugly, smelly, drinking men and that's the only option for many, many women.
Also, don't forget: Russian women greatly outnumber Russian men. In China, men outnumber women by millions. In Russia, it is a completely different picture. 

When there are no good men around, and tons of beautiful, gorgeous women who are lonely and looking for a mate, you have to settle for whatever you can find. As one Russian proverb states, "When there is no fish, a crawfish is a fish." 

Here is an article about Russian men by Deidre Dare. It pretty much sums up the situation in the title, "In Russia, a lack of men forces women to settle for less." Source

If you are a Russian man, looking for a girl, you are just lucky. If you are a Russian girl, looking for a guy... go to Iceland!

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