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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Russian Men and Why You Need to Avoid Them at All Cost (Part 5)

In our previous post, we examined Russia's rankings compared to other countries. It is evident that lack of social progress, political and economic freedom as well as other conditions shaped and defined Russia as a country and its society for the entire Russian history. 

In today's post, we will examine the mentality that seems to be so prevalent among Russian men (and women). 

As we already know, Russia is behind the times in every aspect of human development and will never (at least for the next several hundred years) will be able to catch up to the rest of the developed world. 

So what is it about Russian mentality that makes people so obviously different? What is it about Russian society that allows people like Lenin, Stalin, and Putin, and all the rulers before them, reign with unlimited authority? What makes Russians so notoriously patient and gullible?

This is a difficult question, but the answer is surprisingly simple. 

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So, what is the worst thing about Russian men? Why do you have to avoid them at all cost? What is so bad about Russians as a nation?

And the answer is:

7. They have the slave mentality. 

How do we know? 

There are all kinds of circumstantial evidence pointing at that. First, let's examine what slave mentality is.

In every society where slavery exists, whether past or present, there are two opposing social strata, slave owners and slaves

Slave owners honestly believe they are the "master race". Basically, they have the mentality of an abuser. They think that they have the right to treat people who are below them on a social pyramid as inanimate objects who have no rights, i.e. abuse them, kill them, lie to them, etc. For slave owners, only people in power are considered equal or superior. Slave owners are not accustomed to harsh physical labor since they are used to everything being served and handed to them. 

The mentality of a slave owner is quite observable in every Russian authority figure, deceased or living, for the last 1,000 years of Russian history. In fact, Russian rulers always treated their "subjects" as objects. Before the revolution common Russians were killed, tortured, and sent to Siberia. After the revolution, they were also killed, tortured, and sent to Siberia.

One of the main reasons why the Soviets won the WWII was the Russian political machine supplied an endless number of soldiers to be killed. They outpowered Germans with numbers while Germans tried to outmaneuver Russians with wit. Even Hitler wasn't dumb, psychotic or cruel enough to kill of his own soldiers by millions. But Stalin could care less. 
We approve the party policy! (Source)

Slave mentality is quite the opposite, it is the mentality of an abused person. First of all, there is Stockholm syndrome, a basic survival instinct that kicks in once you understand that you can't change anything in your present position as a "captive". Stockholm syndrome 

As we know, Stockholm syndrome can be viewed as a variation of traumatic bonding, that some scientists argue originate from our past as hunters and gatherers. It is basically an adaptation that enables captured people to adjust to their new life in a tribe that captured them. 

One of the sure tell signs of Stockholm syndrome is "strong emotional ties that develop two people where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other." This can account for both high approval ratings of some leaders such as Stalin, Kim Jong Un, Gaddafi, Putin, and the so-called "nostalgia". In fact, the more brutal the dictator, the higher is the approval rating. 

Another important feature of slave mentality is low productivity. As a matter of fact, low productivity was the real reason why so many countries went away with slavery. A free person will work harder and more efficient than any slave. Slaves have no incentives besides fear to work hard so they will do anything in their power to avoid working when possible and thus need to be whipped or coerced into completing their task occasionally.

So, let's compare the level of productivity by country. 

According to OECD, in 2014 Russia had the same level of productivity as Chile. That is lower than Spain, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Estonia, Turkey, Poland, and Latvia. Basically, Russia managed to reach the lowest level of labor efficiency among all European countries. Source 

And the last, but not least feature of a slave mentality: learned helplessness. This is a behavior that results from learning that the person or people cannot control the situation, therefore they do not take action to avoid the negative stimulus. The theory of learned helplessness explains why Russians are, on the whole, socially and politically inactive, as well as clinically depressed. Source 

So, do Russians exhibit the love for their leader, strong emotional ties to their country, low productivity and social and political inactivity? Definitely so. 

Can we say that Russians, on the whole, exhibit slave mentality?

And the answer is yes.

Some questions remain unanswered, however: when and where did it form? What were the conditions that made Russians into a nation of slaves? There will be a separate post about it.

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