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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Truth About the War

If there is one thing that gets over-exploited by the Kremlin propaganda, it is the victory in the WWII. Russians do not know much about the WWII, only about the part that happened after Germany attacked Russia. It is called "The Great Patriotic War." Sadly, they know about the war only what is printed in their propaganda-laced history textbooks.

Every May, year after year, Russians are bombarded by the same messages, "We won!" If you ever get to argue with a Russian person about the WWII results, eventually it will get to the point, "We, Russians, won the Second World War!"This is the final statement, after which no valid arguments or any amount of proof can change your opponent's view. For most Russians, living 75 years later, winning that war is almost a religious experience, and most definitely, somewhat sacral. And you have the Soviet (and now Putin's) propaganda to thank for it.

Russians are too brainwashed to actually examine what exactly happened during 1936-1945, why did the war start and at what cost Russians won. Let's examine the facts and answer the following question, "Why did the Soviets win the war?" 

The answer is horrifying, but not surprising. 

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To be continued...

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