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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Russian Men and Why You Need to Avoid Them at All Cost (Part 3)

See this beautiful family? The Los Angeles King's defenceman Slava Voynov looks smug with his wife Marta and their child, next to the Stanley Cup. However, it is not all rosy in his family's life as it might seem from the picture. 

Unfortunately, Voynov's family situation reflects the sad state of many Russian families. Today we are going to air out some very dirty laundry and trust us, it is going to get ugly. Whether you knew it all along or it comes as a complete surprise to you, the secret about Russian men is out....

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5. Russian men are prone to domestic violence. 

If you are wondering, what happened to Marta after one argument, that started at a party and escalated at home on October 24th, 2014, you need to know that she required eight stitches under her left eye as a result. Apparently, Slava punched her in the face, kicked her repeatedly when she was knocked down to the ground, choked her violently, and pushed her in a flat-screen TV so hard, she broke it with her face. Their bedroom was covered with Marta's blood. Their neighbors notified the police because of all the noise, but Slava was officially charged only after Marta's visit to the hospital. The witnesses described her state as "lots of blood" and "red marks on her neck". Source 

Yet Voynov's lawyer Craig Renetzky told this to the Hockey News, "Mr. Voynov never hit the woman. This is really just a pure accident." Source How many accidents do you know where a woman would have red marks on her neck from choking? 

Of course, his wife stated through her attorney that she did not believe he was guilty of any crime. She was saying the truth since in Russia domestic violence is not viewed as a crime even by police, only as accidents that occasionally happen. 

Since the crime took place in the U.S. Slava was tried and sentenced to ninety days in jail plus three years of probation. He got off easy. However, if the same happened in Russia, he would not get any jail time at all. 

Here is another case.  Look at this beautiful woman. She is an actress Ekaterina Arkharova. 

In May 2014, she married a famous Russian actor, Marat Basharov. While under the influence of alcohol (surprise, surprise!), Marat assaulted her, broke her nose, and caused her traumatic head injury. Covered in blood, she was kicked out of the house. This all happened right in front of a minor, Marat's daughter. Ekaterina spent three days in a state of coma. The second picture demonstrates her face before and after the incident. The case became public only after Ekaterina's interview was aired on TV. Russian public mostly defended Marat's actions, since Russians believe women usually bring it upon themselves. 

Needless to say, Marat was never charged for this crime, but he publicly apologized to his wife only when he was pressured to do so on a TV show. In March 2015, Marat and his wife got a divorce.

Here is the picture of a wifebeater himself:


Domestic violence is no laughing matter in any country, but in Russia is is downright scary.
Here are some gruesome facts:
  • Every 40 minutes a woman in Russia is killed in a domestic dispute.
  • Every year 14,000 women in Russia are killed by their husbands or boyfriends.
  • 40% of all violent crimes are committed by family members.
  • One in four families in the Russian federation experiences domestic violence.
Alcohol most certainly plays a role in committing violent acts. In a 2004 study of domestic violence in one of the regions of Russia, 77% of offenders of violent crime were frequent drinkers, either binge drinkers or they drank every day. 

The worst part of it all: Russian society does not consider domestic violence as a serious crime but a "private matter between the spouses". Source

If this does not persuade you to avoid Russian men, we don't know what else will.  

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